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Learning, Fitness, and Childhood Development: How AI Apps are Bridging the Gap

Learning, Fitness, and Childhood Development: How AI Apps are Bridging the Gap

Looking for a way to keep your child entertained for hours while getting them to move and learn at the same time?

Studies show that regular movement can increase memory, attention, and decision-making even in 4 to 8-year-old’s education. 

Luca & Friends is an AI and AR-powered app that teaches preschoolers and young elementary students the basics of English, STEM, and fitness to propel them to new educational heights.

Kids will love playing on their devices and you’ll love that they’ll be up off the couch and learning at the same time.

Here’s how the technology behind Luca & Friends works so well.

Movement and Learning: The Best Combination for Kids

Integrating education with movement is one of the easiest ways to help preschoolers and young elementary students learn new things. 

This is clear from studies showing that people generally encode information for longer when presented to it with multiple senses (Sankey, Birch, & Gardiner, 2010). 

So counting combined with clapping or waving your hands is going to help your young child learn faster and better than just counting alone.

Plus, physical activity activates the brain and makes it work better, improving your child’s academic performance. 

Movement doesn’t have to be related to the concept at hand (Donnely & Lambourne 2011). It’s just important that the young child is moving while learning information.

Apps like Luca & Friends seamlessly combine movement with learning, so you don’t have to figure out how to teach, move, and play with your child on your own.

The Importance of Play in Childhood Development

It’s not just movement that’s important, but play is integral to your young child’s development. 

Play sets the foundation for healthy social and emotional function and teaches kids that learning is part of an exciting life – not just a chore.

Play learning teaches your child things like problem-solving, developing motor skills, and discovering their independence.

It sets the groundwork for healthy emotional and cognitive development, helping your kids excel at school and beyond.

Plus, kids naturally gravitate towards play. By combining play and education, your kids won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time. There's no need for forced learning.

How does Luca & Friends work?

The Luca & Friends App is ideal for busy parents who don’t necessarily have time to help their kids navigate learning apps. 

With moving games, Luca & Friends will tell the kids how to move and pick their answer without actually touching the device, making it easy for younger children to navigate on their own.

Every game builds on the previous one, helping your kids learn in an integrated way. 

Additionally, all lessons and activities were crafted with the help of teachers to make sure your kids are meeting age-appropriate subject requirements. And coming soon, parents will have access to their child’s progress and achievements dashboard.

The Luca & Friends app will encourage and guide kids to take their learning to new heights while having fun.

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