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Learn Through Play

For Educators & Parents

With time, the education industry has undergone a considerable transformation. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the traditional teaching-learning method has taken a back seat, and more easily accessible ways of learning have emerged. This hasn’t just made it much more interesting for kids, but it has also, in many ways, bridged the three-way communication gap between teachers, parents, and children. Not just that, with children getting smarter by the day, there is a great need to introduce them to different yet advanced learning means and methods.


This is where Luca & Friends come in. Powered by artificial intelligence, children will be asked to answer a range of questions using basic movements and following simple directional instructions. This way, not only with they be learning, but they will also be encouraged to get up and move in a meaningful way.


We at Luca & Friends understand that learning through play is a key element in your child’s development. So, we have thoughtfully designed to guide young learners on a delightful journey as they navigate through crucial skills in English,STEM, and fitness-based activities at home. If you’re an educator, you can wholeheartedly trust Luca & Friends and make us your supportive companion. We have crafted age-appropriate and engaging content from real achievement objectives from various curriculums and standards.

This AI motion tracking app detects movement and integrates kids into the activity using open AI-based computer vision and machine learning capabilities, requiring no additional hardware. It is quick and innovative, with top-level coordination of the essential e-learning sessions, resulting in high-quality, effective, and timely training.