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Getting Your Kids Excited About Learning

If you’re a parent or an educator, you’ve probably asked this question intuitively a lot of times, “Is there a way I can get my kids excited about learning?” Because we all know that when the kids are enthusiastic about learning and looking forward to it, half the task is done. Their drive and energy will make the learning process much easier and faster. So, it is up to you to create excitement about the learning process to help the kids inculcate a positive outlook towards learning. 

Here are a few ways to make learning a fun journey that your kids would love to explore: 

Make Them Move

Sitting in one place all day makes any task seem boring and mundane. The same is the case with kids, as they despise the idea of being restricted to one place for an extended period. When their thoughts and imaginations flow wildly, why restrict their movement? Keep the learning material more visual and let them move around.

Include Games

Who doesn’t love games! Incorporating gaming in the education process is a great way to make it fun and exciting. You can try puzzles, quizzes, and even crosswords to create concept-specific games to enhance the lessons. This allows for better retention as kids remember what they associate with fun and happiness the most. So, find ways to incorporate lessons into fun activities, and your kids will learn so much more.

Build Creativity

Creativity can be a great way to explore a kid's interest and passion. Have new kinds of assignments for every topic. Have activities that make kids think out of the box. They will feel a sense of pride when they look back at any project they made out of their own idea. No idea is right or wrong, appreciate every small effort they make, and they will get better at learning new things and retaining them better. 

Identify your kids’ learning style

We all learn in different ways, so it’s worthwhile to figure out how your kids learn best. This will help you structure tasks accordingly and foster optimal study habits. There are three primary learning styles — visual, auditory, and kinesthetic — and your kids are likely to have a stronger tendency toward any one of them. 

Tap into high-quality online resources

Kids love the idea of technology. Most of them are ahead of adults in trying to navigate a device and explore the world of the internet. When used with care and purpose, resources like educational websites, apps, and online games can be valuable tools to engage young learners. 

Luca & Friends is a unique AI-powered learning app that aims to make e-learning a creative, enjoyable, and participatory activity rather than a mundane, tedious task. And why wouldn’t it be? It is driven by the motto ‘Move, Learn and Play’! 

The app allows kids to learn, test, and reinforce their knowledge on several concepts relating to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and the English language. Kids can experience the most fun, exciting and indulging games designed to help instill healthy skills in preschool kids. 

Here are some of the cool features of the e-learning app Luca and Friends:

  • User Friendly

You can download and use this educational gaming app from anywhere globally. Whether the kids are in the corner of the city or locked in their homes, they can easily access the app. Once downloaded, the interactive guide will make sure you enjoy the learning process easily. 

  • Gets you Moving

Luca & Friends stand out in this approach towards learning. Unlike other apps requiring kids to sit in one place for a long time, Luca and friends help the kids learn concepts, visualize what they know, and adopt physical activities. All thanks to its unique AI integration. Parents can now be assured that their kids are growing mentally and physically. After all, a healthy body gives space for a healthy mind, right?

  • Positive Feedback

Kids love it when they are recognized and presented with how far they have progressed in their learning. Encouraging them is the key to helping them reinforce learning and having fun. Parents can allow the kids to use their screen time wisely by building habits that the kids can use to make the most out of it.

  • Learn through Gaming

Kids and even adults love gaming as it challenges them on every level. Why not use this gaming technology to make your kid understand and absorb critical concepts taught at school? With Luca and Friends, kids can get an experience of learning through gaming. It will help them boost their confidence and absorb knowledge at their comfort, all while thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

Kids need the right support and encouragement from their parents and educators to make their learning process fruitful. As the famous saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” kids without activity, movement, and fun tend to focus and stay behind in terms of learning and development. Using Luca & Friends app can give them a dose of uniquely designed activities that help kids engage in a pleasant learning environment. The application allows kids to progress from learning the basics of the alphabet to solving numerical sums, all while having a blast. Keeping kids excited throughout learning will definitely help them learn and grow better. 

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