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Turn Screen Time into a Learning Experience with Luca & Friends

Turn Screen Time into a Learning Experience with Luca & Friends

Technology has become a dominant force in every aspect of our lives. While innovation makes life easier, there are consequences to pouring over devices for hours, especially for children.

According to the CDC, children spend an average of 7.5 hours per day in front of a screen for entertainment. In addition, 87 percent of children exceeded the recommended screen time from the American Pediatric Academy reports the University of Albany.

What's more, screen time has increased exponentially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the residual impacts of shutting down schools and limiting physical contact. As a result, kids are getting less exercise and spending more time with devices than ever before. 

Screen Time is Inevitable

While some parents may see the solution as limiting screen time or taking away devices, we shouldn’t forget that technology is a fundamental part of our lives, and doing so can alienate a child from their peers. Not just that, being familiar with new technology will prepare them for a world that is increasingly implementing digital solutions in the workplace.

Embracing technology is a more realistic and sustainable plan for raising a child in 2022. Cutting out screen time is impossible, but using a kid-friendly learning app can turn screen time into a net positive experience rather than a harmful, addictive habit.

Technology Limits Physical Activity

Parents who see tech as a tool for learning rather than primarily a source of entertainment face challenges regarding exercise. The WHO reports that 80 percent of children don't receive enough physical activity in their daily routines. As digital learning and personal interactions become more common, exercise rates drop. Parents need a solution that incorporates education into screen time and burns calories.

Make the Most Out of Screen Time

Whether we like it or not, children will spend time on electronic devices. So, why not make the most out of it? Even if it is just an hour, the time away from social media, video games, or television will benefit their development.

Bridge the Gap with Luca & Friends

There are countless educational apps on the market, but they fail to physically engage and solve the entire problem. This is where Luca & Friends comes in. Luca & Friends is an E-learning experience that uses nursery rhymes and kids' songs, and physical activity to help children learn by keeping them engaged with highly interactive content that allows them to move and learn.

Physically Interactive E-Learning App

We've developed the first-ever app that combines learning and fitness with AI motion technology, providing children with an immersive, interactive learning experience. Luca & Friends lean into innovative technology, incentivizing kids to spend time learning and burning calories rather than watching videos or scrolling through social media.

Fun Games with a Social Aspect

Our cutting-edge technology allows children to interact with friends while playing fun games and achieving rewards. Friends and family can play Luca & Friends without any geographical restrictions, offering a crucial social element that builds relationships and incentivizes kids to keep playing.

Adding a physical aspect to learning through motion technology is a game-changer. Kids are much more likely to use devices to know if there is an opportunity to move, learn and play.

Accredited Content

We work closely with teachers, trainers, and education professionals to develop content that maximizes kids’ learning experiences. Consistently curating new content with opportunities for children to earn rewards through our loyalty program creates an experience that incentivizes children to continue to log into Luca and his Friends.

Developed for Ages 4-8

Teaching kids to utilize technology to learn, access information, and solve problems is an essential early development lesson. Luca & Friends focuses on STEM and English activities catered to growing children. These subjects are difficult to teach to primary school-aged kids, and hence a physically interactive technology platform encourages them to learn challenging topics in a fun way.

Move, Learn and Play with Luca & Friends

The amount of time children spend on devices is alarming and contributes to rising obesity rates. Limiting technology, however, is not the answer. Children need to know how to utilize the internet and digital solutions to benefit their lives.

Staying true to our Move, Learn, and Play mantra, Luca & Friends offers parents and educators a highly intuitive solution that promotes physical activity while teaching complex subjects. 

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