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Best free educational apps with fun games for your preschool kids

With the dawn of a waking year, we enter a new generation Physical interactive E- Learning dominated by digital space. Phones, laptops, and tablets are some of the gadgets we are continuously hooked to almost 80% of our time. Kids are no exception in this case. With the shift of classes to the online mode, screen time has increased drastically.

With limited space and the scope of meeting friends, kids often have very few options to spend their non-school hours. They either resort to watching television, videos, or even sleeping. As a parent, you also might not be able to be with your kids and play with them all through the day. 

So how do we overcome this problem? Well, a great way to tackle it is through educational gaming apps. Apps are not new to us. Just open your play store, and you’ll be greeted with thousands of apps. But what's important is choosing the right kind of app for your kid’searly childhood care and education.

These apps could be easily downloaded and free of cost too! It could be one of the best decisions you could ever make regarding your kids.  this kids Learning apps withfun games for child are a great way to satisfy your kid’s appetite for digital fun while closing educational gaps due to the pandemic. 

Allowing your preschooler kids to use specific Kids educational gaming apps can not only be a great source of entertainment for them but also help them to release their stress, pick up new interests, have social interaction, and, most importantly, learn and revise concepts that they have studied even without feeling like a pain. The main reason is that apps can let them play and learn simultaneously—obviously, most kids love the former more than the latter. That's what makes educational apps withgames for kids so awesome. 

What Are the Challenges Kids Face in Today’s Digital Age?

best educational apps for 4 year olds free

Digitalization has brought about a remarkable transformation in our daily lives, just like globalization and urbanization. Childhood is no exception to this fast-growing transformation. With growing access to phones, laptops, the internet, teleservices, kids are exposed to digital technology very quickly.  Kids in today’s world depend on digital tools and services to engage, play, innovate, and connect with the wide world around them. The influencing power of technology has made it possible for children to experience new things previously impossible. Nevertheless, there are a few challenges that kids face using digital technology. Let’s take a look at them: 

  • Negativity: Technology might give us many benefits, but we are still not well equipped to completely curb the negatives attached to this technology. Kids may fall trapped by all the negative news and information floating around the internet.
  • Screen Time: Screen time is always a challenge. Having a gadget too close to the eye for a long time leaves them strained and agitated. 
    • Limits on Creativity: With tons of ideas and information already present on the internet, the creative aspect of a kid is hampered. They always tend to be content consumers rather than trying to explore and learn independently. 
    • Laziness: Don't blame the kids. They are seldom given a chance to play around in the open. Physical activity helps them be active and on their feet all the time.  With digitalization, physical activity and moving around have taken a severe toll. 

    In this modern tech-infused world where kids are "growing digital every day," it's vital to help them grasp safe and healthy concepts of digital use. Parents and other elders play a crucial role in implementing these essential skills in a kid's life.


    Luca & Friends - A Great Educational Gaming App

    Best Educational game app

    Luca & Friends is a unique educational gaming app guided by the latest AI and motion sensor technology. It is a tailor-made app for preschoolers that can cater to their entertainment, development, and learning needs.  With great interactive lessons, the application glues together learning and fun. Over 100 courses are available for kids to make them fall in love with learning. 

    The goal of Luca & Friends is to make e-learning enjoyable and participatory. Several components in the app combine to provide a one-stop solution for physical inactivity and forced learning stress that kids experience. The app provides kids with the right directions and platform to put their learning to play or, even better, learn new things while playing. Here's how Luca & Friends  helps your kid's overall performance:


  • Cognitive development :
  • Luca & Friends will ensure that a wide range of engaging material is presented, exciting, and fun to your kid. This helps promote consistency in learning. Over 100 distinct sorts of move, study, and play content on  STEM  education for kids and English learning subjects are available on this platform to help the kids use their knowledge and skills quickly. This app's educational and learning concept is to keep your kids physically and cognitively engaged, making it a quick way to learn.

  • Problem Solving :
  • The app has many fun-filled activities, each having its own motive and set of challenges to solve and move forward. Your kid will approach these various levels and develop problem-solving abilities along the way. It will enable them to gain confidence and absorb information at their convenience. 

  • Concentration and Attention :
  • Constant engagement and focus are critical to a sharp mind in your kids. As a parent, you can help your kids get the most out of their screen time. Kids learn to listen and understand instructions given to them. They develop the ability to concentrate and logistical analysis when thinking of alternative ways to approach a level they find challenging, grasp the app's mechanics, etc. 


    Move, Learn and Play- The Right Way To Go Forward! 

    Move learn and play- Kids Educational apps


    A research-based study by the  University of Virginia released in the year 2020 states that, compared to the year 1998, kids today are spending a tiny fraction of their time on self-directed learning. Self-learning involves moving at one’s will and doing activities that the kids choose to do and explore. Learning happens throughout our lives, but the foundation starts in childhood. 


    Freedom of moving around and interacting with the environment is vital for kids to fulfill their developmental milestones. “Children learn by experiencing their world using all of their senses. The restriction of movement, especially at a young age, impedes the experiential learning process.”These words by  Vanessa Durand is, a pediatrician at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, couldn't get more alarming to us. 


    Growing kids need the proper support and encouragement from their parents. As the famous saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” kids without activity, movement, and fun tend to focus and stay behind in learning and development. Using Luca & Friends can give them a dose of uniquely designed activities that help kids engage in a pleasant learning environment. The application allows kids to progress from learning the alphabet basics to solving numerical sums, all while having a blast.

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