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Best Fun games to get your kids up and moving | educational games

Adults and children, knowingly or unknowingly, spend most of their time engaged in a very unhealthful activity—sitting. Doctors have linked sitting for an extended time with several health concerns like obesity, chronic shortening of the hip flexors, under stretching, and weakening of the leg muscles.

It is also associated with secondary conditions such as increased blood pressure, higher blood sugar, excess body fat that accumulates around the waist, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. 

The pandemic has forced every one of us to stay indoors for the vast majority of our time. Staying indoors has its perks, but it also comes with many downsides. For kids, boredom is a significant factor they have been dealing with. Physical inactivity and lack of creative space to spend their energy have led to a very sedentary lifestyle for both parents and kids

With the rise in e-learning due to the pandemic, kids are forced to sit for an extended period of time in front of laptops and phones. Playtime with friends is considerably reduced, and they don't move around as much as they did before. Today's parents and educators need to seriously evaluate the unhealthy effects of sitting and take specific actions to change that.  

Importance of Physical Activities in Kids

Games for Kids
Childhood is a crucial time for the overall development of a kid. Between the ages of 4 and 8 years old, your kids will undergo most of the neural and muscular developments that can either make or break their future. Physical activities also provide a means to learn new skills, all the while helping in keeping kids healthy and active. Such a win-win situation!

Physical activities are vital for children's health, well being, and development, now and in the future. They have lots of benefits for kids such as:

  • Improving fine and gross motor skills
  • Nurturing creativity and imagination
  • Developing positive self-esteem
  • Increasing problem-solving ability

Some Easy Ways to Get Kids Moving 

English learning app


It is said that kids need 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Although that may sound like a lot for a day, there is no pressure to make it happen all at once. There are many ways to squeeze in that amount of physical activity at different times of the day. 

Here are a few parenting tips that might come in handy while your kids are experiencing and coping with the new wave of virtual learning where they are sitting most of the time and there is a severe lack of physical activity : 

Allow 'Playful' Learning

One advantage of e-learning with kids is that playtime can also be a good learning time. There is a very thin line between play and learning at young ages, which can be safely navigated back and forth. So, learning while playingfun games for kids is highly recommended.

Make Them Move Physically


 Kids need to be stimulated physically and mentally to achieve an excellent mind-body balance. Because of the pandemic, the physical aspect has taken a backseat. It is essential to incorporate physical activity to keep them fit and energetic. Try to include standing, stretching, bending, and jumping activities between classes.  

Explore Educational/ Gaming apps

Child's educational learning app for kids

Educational apps and learning-based gaming apps are a great addition to the resources you can add to your kid's learning process. Apps use the latest modern technologies and captivating graphics and animations to keep kids engaged and excited during the learning and playing process. 

Luca & Friends is a one-stop solution for getting both learning and physical activity out of your child. This child learning app's prime motto is to simultaneously make e-learning fun and interactive. The best part is Luca & Friends will take over that hurdle of getting your kid motivated to learn and explore something new every day!

Here are some of the cool features of Luca & Friends:

Features of Luca and Friends
  • User Friendly to Both Parents and Kids: You can download and use this educational gaming app from anywhere around the globe. Whether the kids are in the corner of the city or locked in their homes, they can easily access the app. Once downloaded, the interactive guide will make sure you enjoy the learning process easily. 

  • Move, Learn and Play Simultaneously: Luca & Friends stand out in this approach towards learning. Unlike other apps requiring kids to sit in one place for a long time, Luca & Friends help kids to learn concepts, visualize what they learn, and adopt physical activities. Thanks to our unique AI integration, parents can now be assured that their kids are growing mentally and physically. After all, a healthy body gives space for a healthy mind, right?
Learning App for kids education
  • Positive Reinforcement: Kids love it when they are recognized and presented with how far they have progressed in their learning. When it comes to achild’s education, encouragement is the key to helping them reinforce learning and having fun. Parents can help the kids use their screen time wisely by building habits that the kids can use to make the most out of it.

  • Learning Throughkids Fun Games: Kids and even adults love gaming as it challenges them on every level. Why not use this gaming technology to make your kid understand and absorb critical concepts taught at school? With Luca & Friends, kids can get an experience of learning through gaming. It will help them boost their confidence and absorb knowledge on English and STEM activities for kindergarten at their own comfort while thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Download Luca and Friends

Download Luca & Friends


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