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Can kids’ Learning Apps Help Mothers When They’re Working From Home?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many moms are now working from their homes. Working with (and around) virtual technology, learning how to react to virtual colleagues effectively, and experimenting with virtual collaboration and the new task allocation are all part of a new wave of mass experimentation.

Not just that, with schools and daycares being closed around the country, millions of mothers find themselves in a new world of managing full-time work and full-time mothering. This has also presented mothers with a  unique difficulty–getting their kids to study. But, unique problems have unique solutions too, and that is Free educational apps.--the one-stop solution to keep your kid's learning on the right path. 

But are those apps suitable for your kids? How safe are they? How do we operate them? Fret not! Here are some ways to use thekids’ learning apps to manage WFH and kids.

Proper Planning

Kids education planning


Working from home with children is one of those situations when preparing ahead is a good idea. Experienced WFH mothers recommend planning ahead of time to get the most out of each day (or week).

This frequently involves planning everyday activities, particularly ones that your youngster can perform while you concentrate on your work. Depending on your children's ages, this may includereading a storybook, printing coloring sheets, bookmarking a mathematics assignment, or creating a learning timetable utilizing an best educational app for kids.


Building Up A Schedule

Kids educational schedule


Schedules are non-negotiable, as we’ve heard from people who effectively balance work and kids. If you divide the day into distinct portions for yourself and your children, everyone knows what to expect.


Remember to discuss expectations with your children as well. Let your youngster know ahead of time if you have an important meeting that cannot be interrupted.


Schedules are subject to change, and job duties may be assigned to you on short notice, so be prepared to make modifications as needed. (And give yourself a break!) If you and your kid can't plan your work so that you and your child can play fun gamestogether on the learning app for kids at the same time, don't be too hard on yourself and just try your best.

Arrange Virtual Fun Games

Kids educational virtual Game


Like adults, children require social interaction. But, the pandemic had made it more difficult to let children socialize. Fortunately, with the convenience of the internet and Luca & Friends, youngsters have no shortage of options to communicate from home. Try setting up a virtual playdate with a buddy or a weekly call with a relative they don't see very frequently for school-aged children who are comfortable using a gadget.

For WFH mothers, virtual fun games are a win-win situation: They provide a social connection for their children and keep them engaged to concentrate on their work.

Set Screen Time Right

You're not alone if you've praised your lucky stars for blessing kids' learning oneducational apps. While screens hold children's attention, we all know it's not good to rely on them as a babysitter.


So, as a work-at-home mother, how do you handle screen time properly? It has to do with limits, according to specialists.


Working mothers need to get their job done, and while putting their child in front of the television may seem like a simple option, it leads to a lot of disagreements over weak boundaries in the long run. Setting clear limits on how much time your kid may spend studying onLuca & Friends on their smartphone is crucial for both mother and child.


Include screen time in your child's daily routine, and when the specified time has gone, make sure gadgets are switched off.


However, there are instances when your kids may get more screen time than usual, whether it's due to a worldwide epidemic or simply a more demanding workweek. If you need to loosen the rules at these times, give yourself grace and don't feel guilty or worried.

Make Most Of Their Sleeping Schedule

Kids learning schedule


Oh, how we adore you, lovely sleep time! (We're not talking about our sleep time, though that's fantastic, too.) As many mothers know, younger children's daily naps provide a valuable window of peace and quiet to complete tasks.

It's best to arrange things that demand stillness or concentration when you know (nearly) that there won't be weeping or loud music playing in the background.

Consider moving specific duties to other peaceful times, such as early mornings or after they've gone to bed for the night, once they've outgrown nap time. I'm willing to give up some of my spare time at night so that we can all stay sane during the day.


Even older children can practice regular quiet time. To make it feel more like a habit and less like an annoyance to busy youngsters, incorporate it into the day's routine — for instance, after lunch.

Share Load With Your Spouse

Online learning app for kids


Let your partner take the initiative to be a part of your kid's learning and make them learn wisely with Luca & Friends.

Setting clear expectations about who does what in the childcare equation is always beneficial, so pick a non-stressful moment to discuss scheduling details with your spouse or co-mother — and then stick to them.


If you don't have a partner, look for methods to get assistance from your tribe. Even if you're experiencing social isolation due to the epidemic, many friends and neighbors would be delighted to drop dinner off at your door or help with a load of washing or playfun games if you simply let them know.


Working from home, whether owing to COVID-19 or other factors, working from home will become increasingly common, and working in the same area as your children. Though it isn't easy at first, it does get more bearable over time.

With the appropriate methods, you can get a little more productivity from your day with the suitable techniques. (However, keep in mind that your output does not define your worth.)

Also, bear in mind that having a WFH parent might be difficult for children. So, when work hours are over, do everything you can to show them love and attention. Play fun games, take them out, or let them learn with Luca & Friends.