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Schools Reopened: How to make it less painful for kids in learning?

After a long dry spell of the pandemic and lockdowns, for the very first time in about 1 or 2 years, many kids across the globe are heading back to their school in person. This is a huge change for both parents and their children. On one hand, there might be a sense of relief that kids are finally able to learn and explore concepts in a classroom setting, they can see their friends and peers everyday, they can spend some quality time away from home after being stuck so long. But on the other hand, there is obvious anxiety about the kids readingand learning App process.

A sudden shift from virtual education to classroom might be scary but this perception could be easily changed. As parents and educators gear up for the reopening, one question remains. How do we make achild’s education a little less painful and a lot more exciting for kids? Rest assured, we’ve got your covered! 


4 Positive Things About Going Back To School

Best app for preschool kids


  • Rekindling Friendships: One of the best things about schools reopening is hands down the reconnection between friends. The pandemic had imposed a lot of restrictions on meeting up and socializing, but slowly, with schools reopening, kids can finally get all cheerey about meeting their besties.  
  • Following School’s Routine: A disciplined routine with set time for each subject/activity planned well in advance is very beneficialearly childhood care and education.Kids who attend a regular school seem to have a better study-play balance. 
  • Hybrid Mode of Learning: Schools are more likely to follow a hybrid or blended mode of education which includes both kids e-learning and traditional styles of education. Certain child's educational apps would be retained and new software's and digital modules would mostly be added. 
  • Exciting Opportunities:Schools provide a lot of extra curricular activities that may excite your kids. Sports, theater, swimming, gymnastics, horse riding, there are innumerable opportunities for kids to shine and excel

What Can Parents Do To Ease The Transition?

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  • Give kids the much needed time to adjust: Any change naturally needs some buffer time to get used to. After spending a lot of time at home amidst family members, kids returning to preschool or daycare may take some time to warm up to unfamiliar educators and caregivers. Be very patient and within some time, kids will get all excited about the journey. 

  • Energize kids often: Children can be eager to be back at the school. Meeting all their friends, having a ton of physical activities plus all the commuting may seem to be more exhausting than staying at home and e-learning. You can help them take breaks after coming back and have a good downtime. One good tip is to play somefun games for kids or watch their favorite shows together. 

  • Set a proper routine:Schools function on a set timings. So in order to avoid being late and hurrying up before the schoolbell, its always advised to set a strict sleep time so that kids are refreshed and all set to wake up early and attend school with a fresh mindset. 

  • How Learning Apps Help Kids at School

    How learning App helps kids

    A few years ago, smartphones and laptops were strongly considered a source of distraction for kids. But today, the whole scenario has turned upside down, phones and other devices have become the beacons of the new age of digital learning. Classes, assignments, quizzes, and an array of educational activities can now be assessed via the internet. 

    Certaine-learning apps have turned our smartphones into virtual classrooms where kids can take up curricular and co-curricular activities comfortably. These innovative apps also encourage toddlers and preschoolers to love learning by making their first ladder to education very interactive and fun-filled. Be it learning newSTEM concepts, organizing classroom activities, or developing skills in new fields, educational apps made everything simpler and enjoyable. One amazing kids learning app is Luca and friends which is anAI motion tracking app that combines learning, physical activity and entertainment for kids.


    Top Advantages of STEM learning App : Luca and Friends

    STEM educational learning app for kids

    It's a well known fact that all kids love screen time! And screens aren't a bad thing per say for now make the best use of phones and laptops by channelizing them towards some fun learning experiences. ManySTEM educational appsfor kids are combining technology and curricular concepts to make learning more exciting, engaging, interactive and enjoyable than ever before. Luca and Friends is an app that is revolutionizing learning through fun activities for kids. It makes intelligent use of the advanced AI motion capture technology with academic content to get your kids moving and learning through movement. Kids will play a number of English,E-STEM, and fitness-based activities that link to their school curriculums. You make their textbooks more fun and exciting through this app.It’s perfect for kids between the ages 4-8 where they are just starting to interact with technology. The app is designed to impact young children’s motor skill development and mental skills such as logical thinking and problem solving. 

    Here are a few benefits the app provides:

  • Quality Entertainment
  • After a stressful day at school, this app can give your kids a dose of much needed entertainment and all the while making your kids revise and grasp new concepts in the background. We believe that learning is no more a passive activity, it’s very dynamic and enjoyable with the right app like Luca and friends where difficult lessons transform to exciting games. 

  • Smart Utilization of Time
  • No parents and educators would want their children to get addicted to gadgets. Surfing the net, talking over a call aren't the wisest options for killing leisure time for kids. The app helps your kids to challenge themselves, move around and learn new concepts while playing utilizing your free time actively.

  •  Systematic Learning Approach
  • Smart and systematic learning is required for kids in order to be well equipped with all the skills required for their future. Luca and friends help in systematic learning as all the concepts are arranged in easiest to most complex such that it promotes not only a craving for learning but also confidence on the concepts learnt. 

  • Fun Learning Experience 
  • Kids and even adults love gaming as it challenges them on every level. Why not use this gaming technology to make your kid understand and absorb key concepts taught at school?  With Luca and Friends, kids can get an experience of learning through gaming. It will help them to boost their confidence and absorb knowledge at their comfort all while thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

    Parting Thoughts

    As the saying goes, “time can heal anything”, all we have to do is give our kids some time to settle in and embrace the changes. Back to being at school can be an amazing feeling if a proper transition phase is provided. Moreover educators can make use of kids learning apps and educational games to make the learning process exciting and enjoyable. A few crucial tweaks here and there could help students return to school and make sure they're more accepting of the change and adjust to new ways of learning. 



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