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Importance of strong learning foundation to enhance a child’s education

As a parent, you might often (more than often!) wonder why kids need to be sent to a pre-school at a very young age. Sure, they will be learning numbers and letters, but that can be taught at home, so there is no need for a formal school engagement. But a great range of mental stimulation and understanding processes in kids begin at the pre-schooling level.

If you have noticed, kids can barely put a sentence together correctly before starting school. Still, by the time they finish pre-schooling, they can use long sentences in a conversation and are well efficient with technology.

Not just that, kids enrolled in pre-school are given many more excellent opportunities at school and learning centers to develop a wide range of concepts and skills. This will better equip them for the challenges they will face in the following learning levels. Early education is a significant investment you can make for your kids. They will be one step ahead in their learning journey and better prepared for future classes. 

Importance of Strong Learning Foundation

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A quality early education gives kids the right mental, emotional, and physical stability to grow to their fullest potential and take upon any challenges standing in their way. One crucial key to a solid early foundation is allowing young children to explore with materials freely and explore and learn independently.

The tiny little tasks and milestones of robust foundational learning are often unseen or unrecognized by many. It more often resembles play than traditional learning using books and pens. The range of activities in foundational understanding includes singing, kids reading app, climbing, running, playing, painting, talking, gaming, and listening. Every move lays the foundation for the kids' future learning. 

Science, technology, engineering, and math which is abbreviated asSTEM learning activities, is not just something that a child learns and acquires concepts but represents the educational foundation that supports achild's education and academic success in the future.

Together, we must build loving and happy kids who will mature into confident, strong, equipped, and self-empowered adults. When kids are provided the right time and space to build strong learning foundations, the skills built later come more quickly and firmly. We owe kids the opportunity to build strong learning foundations for their development.

Different Learning Methods for Kids

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Every kid out there is uniquely capable and talented. Learning methods of kids refer to the different ways in which kids absorb the concepts, learn, process, and retain information relating to that concept. All kids learn through engaging hands-on experiences—playing, doing, and moving. 

All kids progress in their learning process differently. Some prefer learning through pictures, others like to listen to their educator or parent and learn, and some kids like to move around while learning rather than being static. Every parent and educator needs to understand the different learning methods of kids to provide a personalized learning experience.

Broadly, most of the kids fall into three types of learning methods. They are: 

  • Visual learners: Visual learning kids learn through seeing. They will remember information best when continuously presented with attractive and captivating pictures or graphics relating to the concept. Visual learners often recognize numbers and letters more quickly than other kids with other types of learning styles. 

  • Auditory learners: These kids learn through hearing. They can best understand when they hear information about the concept they are studying. Such kids often prefer listening to stories or telling stories to understand information.

  • Kinesthetic learners: These kids learn by doing. Kids with a kinesthetic learning style learn best when they engage in physical activities to learn the material provided. Kinesthetic learners like to learn through physical sensations and may have trouble sitting still for long periods.

Parents and educators have a significant influence on children. Understanding which method of learning your kid prefers can improve their learning and teaching process. 

Concept Oriented Learning For Kids Aged 4 to 8

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The world around us is evolving at a fast pace, and so is the field of education. The education we receive at the early ages of 4-8 years prepares us for the future by interpreting our surroundings. As we dawn into a new era in AI- Learning education, traditional methods of instruction must be replaced with conceptual learning so that they learn something which they retain for more prolonged and easily identifiable from a young age.

Concept-based learning is a new approach that reflects the evolving education system globally. This method emphasizes what they do rather than how and when they learn. Concept-based learning makes kids understand the core concept of the material to be realized rather than the outline of the material. The motive is to help kids understand and retain what they are taught rather than mug up. It encourages kids to know the context and meaning of the subject material.

Concept learning develops a sense of curiosity in children, promoting more open communication between the teacher and students, hands-on exploration, fun and engaging learning time. This indeed transforms kids into lifelong learners. 

Luca & Friends—An App for Strong Concept Oriented Learning

Luca & Friends - Best Educational learning app for preschool


Luca & Friends is an interesting AI-powered  educational E-learning app that comes packed with various learning, fun, and physical activities for pre-schooler kids. It stands out from otherlearning apps for kids as it makes them move around and have physical activities, all while learning. 

The app includes some activities for all types of learners, and that's an excellent inclusion. Driven by the motto—Move, Learn and Play, the app makes e-learning a creative, enjoyable activity rather than a mundane, tedious task.



Luca & Friends is loaded with games and activities that are innovative and highly interactive. It allows kids to learn, reinforce and test their knowledge on several concepts relating to STEM Activities and the English language. It focused on making the ideas more transparent and engaging to the kids to experience the most fun, exciting and indulging games designed to help instill healthy skills in pre-school kids

With over 50 different mini-games available on the platform, Luca & Friends offers kids exciting rewards that will keep them motivated as they move through each level. Oh, and you do not have to worry about their screen time as they will be developing new skills learning new concepts while moving around and being active.

Go ahead and download the app for free and make your kids fall in love with learning!


Download Luca & Friends


Download Luca & Friends

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