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Tips For Parents

Luca & Friends is the first app of its kind to combine learning and fitness is designed for kids ages 4-8. It provides the best English learning app and interactive and immersive learning experience in which kids play games by using basic movements like a stretch or jump to touch or catch the right answers. Kids build strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility while practicing English and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM activities) skills.
Certain e-learning apps have turned our smartphones into virtual classrooms where kids can take up curricular and co-curricular activities comfortably. These innovative apps also encourage toddlers and preschoolers to love learning by making their first ladder to education very interactive and fun-filled. Be it learning new STEM concepts, organizing classroom activities, or developing skills in new fields, educational apps made everything simpler and enjoyable. One amazing kids learning app is Luca and friends which is an AI motion tracking app that combines learning, physical activity and entertainment for kids.
These apps could be easily downloaded and free of cost too! It could be one of the best decisions you could ever make regarding your kids.  this kids Learning apps with fun games for child are a great way to satisfy your kid’s appetite for digital fun while closing educational gaps due to the pandemic. 
Science, technology, engineering, and math which is abbreviated as STEM learning activities, is not just something that a child learns and acquires concepts but represents the kids educational foundation that supports a child's education and academic success in the future.
Kids Educational apps  and learning-based gaming apps are a great addition to the resources you can add to your kid's learning App process. Apps use the latest modern technologies and captivating graphics and animations to keep kids engaged and excited during the learning and playing process.
Luca & Friends is one such educational game that combines AI motion capture technology with STEM content to get your kids physically active and interested in learning. Kids will travel across the galaxy with the main character of the game, Prince Luca, while being challenged with activities related to English and STEM school curriculum.
STEM education app, such as Luca & Friends, is the kid’s best friend. Luca & Friends is alearning app withfun games that can help your kids learn the following. 
Luca & Friends AI Learning App combines learning, entertainment, and physical activity for kids. This app gives kids a one-way solution to their learning and physical exercise.